Dafabet Lottery

Available to players all across India, the Dafabet lottery offers a chance to become a multimillionaire in a few clicks. From classic options like Lottoland to Thai Lottery, Dafabet features a great selection of games you can play both on your desktop and mobile device. Take a look below to discover all the info you need, from the steps to make your first bet to the safety and legality of the lottery in India.

How to Play the Lottery

Dafabet Lottery 2022

Before you gain access to lottery options on Dafabet, you must create an account. Just visit the official website and click the “Join Now” button in the top-right corner. The procedure requires you to provide some basic data:

  • Your username, password, email, and phone number;
  • Full name, date of birth, currency, and country.

Confirm that you’ve reached the legal age of 18 and click “Create Account.” Once you’re logged in, head to the “Cashier” section in the upper-right corner, click “Deposit,” and choose a convenient banking method to top up your common wallet.

Now proceed to the “Lottery” tab and select one of the games from the list. From this moment, the gameplay depends on the type of Dafabet lottery you choose:

  • In games like Lottoland, So De, and Thai Lottery, you need to select several numbers and confirm your bet.
  • In GPI Keno, you need to choose a particular type of bet and set the amount you’re betting. The outcome in the game depends on the sum of balls drawn.
  • In PK10, you bet on a virtual car race. Select one or several bets and wait for the results.

Is It Safe to Play the Lottery Online?

Yes, playing the lottery on Dafabet, you don’t need to worry about safety. The platform uses the latest encryption technologies to make sure your data doesn’t end up in a third party’s hands. The info that Dafabet stores on its servers is protected by a Firewall.

As for lotteries, all of them are based on a random number generation algorithm that guarantees the randomness of every draw. Dafabet uses only licensed software protected from any tweaks and changes to the game code.

What Lotteries Can Be Played Online?

What Lotteries Can Be Played

The Dafabet lottery library features five games, with four of them powered by Gameplay Interactive. Each title has a unique style and features.



This is a classic lottery with traditional gameplay – you try to guess the winning numbers. The game features a wide range of betting options:

  • Big, small, and exact score – a bet on a total sum of winning numbers being bigger than 811, smaller than 809, or exactly 810;
  • Up, down, and tie – a bet on the majority of winning numbers ranging from 1-40 (up), 41-80 (down), or staying in the middle (tie);
  • Odds, evens, and tie – a bet on the majority of winning numbers being odd, even, or an equal number of both;
  • Combined bets – these are big/odd, big/even, small/odd, and small/even;
  • Gold, wood, water, fire, earth – a bet on the sum of winning numbers ranging from 210-695 (gold), 696-763 (wood), 764-855 (water), 856-923 (fire), or 924-1410 (earth).

You can also choose up to five particular numbers to bet on. Apart from that, there are three game types (RNG, RNG Turbo, and 2 min RNG), as well as nine markets for playing.

So De

So De

This Dafabet lottery game comes with dozens of markets for betting, depending on what region you want to play in. The outcome is determined by matching numbers based on several sets of results. The game generates up to 27 results per one draw. Here are the bet types:

  • Roll (2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D) – select any two, three, four, or five-digit number. You win if it matches the last two, three, four, or five numbers from one of the results;
  • Special 3D – a bet on a three-digit number that wins if your number matches the last three digits of the Special Prize result;
  • Special 2D – a bet on a two-digit number that wins if it matches one of four results in the 7th Prize set;
  • Tens & Ones – a bet on a one-digit number that wins if the number matches the last number of the Special Prize result (ones) or the second-to-last number (tens);
  • Parlay (2, 3, and 4) – a bet made on two, three, or four 2-digit numbers that wins if the numbers appear as the last 2 digits of any result;
  • Fail Parlay (4, 8, and 10) – a bet made on four, eight, or ten 2-digit numbers that wins if the numbers don’t appear in the last two digits of any result.

GPI Keno

GPI Keno

GPI Keno is based on Chinese, Canadian, Australian, Slovakian, and Korean lottery websites. The basics are the same as in Lottoland – you have a total of 80 numbered balls ranging from 01 to 80. During the game, 20 balls are drawn, which determines the outcome. The bet types are the same as in Lottoland:

  • Big, small, and exact score;
  • Up, down, and tie;
  • Odds, evens, and tie;
  • Big/odd, big/even, small/odd, and small/even bets;
  • Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.



PK10 is a racing-themed Dafabet lottery game where the gameplay is based on ten racecars numbered from 1 to 10. You can choose from several bet types:

  • Position – you may bet on the exact position of each car at the end of the race;
  • Big/small – a bet that wins if the car number on the position you choose is big (6-10) or small (1-5);
  • Odd/even – a bet that wins if the car number on the position you choose is odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) or even (2, 4, 6, 8, 10);
  • Dragon/Tiger – a bet on a comparison of car numbers in certain positions (1st vs. 10th, 2nd vs. 9th, 3rd vs. 8th, 4th vs. 7th, 5th vs. 6th). For instance, a bet wins, if the car number in the 1st position is bigger (Dragon) or smaller (Tiger) than in the 10th.
  • The sum of 1st + 2nd (total, big/small, odd/even) – a bet on a total sum of cars in the first and second positions.
  • The sum of 1st + 2nd + 3rd (total, big/small, odd/even) – a bet on a total sum of cars in the first, second, and third positions.

There are six different markets in PK10: Ultra, Furious, Turbo, Rapid, Speedy, and Super.

Thai Lottery

Thai Lottery

The last title on the list follows the rules of the game by the Thai Government Lottery Office. There are three markets to play on: Sapphire, Diamond, and Ruby. There are four categories of results in the game, each with its bet types:

  • Category 1 – First Prize, a six-digit number. All bets are based on the last three numbers.
  • Category 2 – First 3 Digits, two 3-digit numbers. You can make several types of bets on each one.
  • Category 3 – Last 3 Digits, similar to the previous category.
  • Category 4 – 2 Digits, a two-digit number. It has only two bet types.

How to Check Lottery Results?

There’s no need to visit any third-party website to find out the outcome. You’ll see the results right after the draw. In some Dafabet lottery games, draws happen as often as 20 seconds, while others provide results in 24 hours.


27 Jan 2022, 10:15 am

Dafabet offers a great selection of lottery games to keep you entertained if you’re tired of classic slots, card games, and sports betting. Playing on Dafabet is legal and safe since the platform is licensed and keeps your data secure. It’s simple to start betting – just sign up, cash in, choose a game, and make a bet. Make sure to get acquainted with the bet types first.

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Do I need to purchase physical tickets to take part in the lotteries?

No, you make bets directly on the Dafabet website using the money you deposited on your Common wallet.

How long do I need to wait for a draw?

In games like PK10, draws take place every 18 seconds, while in So De, for example, you may need to wait for up to 24 hours.

Can I withdraw my lottery winnings right after the draw?

That depends on the amount you win. In some cases, you may have to wait for some time before the money appears on your player account.